What you need to know NYFW:

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This guide will help you plan and stay organized for NYFW! Everything from finding brands press contacts, pitching, planning your stay, and some do's & don'ts 

Start Searching! 

Google is your best friend! Start by searching the brand name and PR contact (in that order). PR agencies handle most if not all show invites, so these are the contact you want! Start on the brands website under contact, if you can't find their email there it's time to get creative. Creep on the brands social media pages, and check through modem.com  and GPSradar.com for even more contact & show information. 

Building Your Pitch!

Keep it simple and stupid.  Just cut to the chase, explain who you are, blog stats, and why you would love to see this brands show. If you've been to the show before and wrote about it or shot photos at their show make sure to include a quick link. Your pitch should be about 150 words or less. Always make sure to include your media kit! This pitch formula will also work when pitching for hotels. Pitching hotels however you should be pitching a few months before the shows so the hotel isn't completely booked. 

Keep a Spreadsheet!

Keep a spread sheet with all the contacts you've found and emailed so that way you have their contact for the future. My very first NYFW I kept a color coded spread sheet with all the people and brands I reached out to and which ones said yes or no! If they said no this season doesn't mean they will next season, so it's just good to keep in mind. 

Keep In Mind of Timing!

Reaching out months in advance is a definitely something on the DO NOT list! Do not reach out earlier than one month prior to the shows, but no later than one week before the shows. NYFW is a highly anticipated week and it's always a hot mess! However be aware of timing! Timing is everything when it comes to the NYFW schedule. 

Don't Overload Your Schedule!

After emailing every brand and PR company and hopefully getting invites your going to need to map out your schedule for every day. Quick tip: you physically can NOT go to every show on the schedule (if invited to all or most) it is just not possible! Trust me i've tried and it doesn't work out. You should plan for 3-5 shows a day. Every show will have at least a 30 min wait before opening the doors, but fashion shows are never on time so make sure to give yourself enough time in between shows. 


- Do your research on the brands before pitching them or even trying to attend their shows. 

- Know the difference between a runway show and a designer presentation. 

-Be personal in your pitching. State what it is you have to offer them. 

-Stay Organized and professional. 

-Use NYFW as the biggest way to network. 

- Every season is different and brands are very selective who they let in. 

- Getting into shows is not a guarantee. 

- Don't get discouraged, there is always next time! 

- Seek out brands that are achievable for you and your brand! 

-Network Network Network!!!