How to create a media kit, Template included

Think of a media kit as your blogs resume. This resume highlights your blogs statistics, what services you offer, and a little info as to who you are. Generally a media kit is given to brands and advertisers that want to collaborate with you. If you don't provide it for them up front, I promise you their going to ask for it. A media kit is your best professional face to potential collaborators. It will also help weed out the brands that are not going to be a good match for your brand. A solid media kit will have the highest rewards, aka the best sponsorships! 

1: Get The Photo

Get a current photo of you that represents your style the best! If you rather use a logo image that will also work!  

2: Introduce yourself

Write a small introduction about what people can expect when working with your brand! Make it count!

3: Social Statistics 

This is the stuff brands really want to know. Statistics like page views per month, average page views, unique visitors, social media followers, etc. Include statistics that are worth mentioning to these brands. 

4: Services Offered

Let it be known what services your willing to do. Sponsored blog post(s), social media post(s), Product reviews, events, brand ambassadorship, whatever it is your willing to do. Adding in your pricing for these services is also something you should add into your media kit. 

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5: List Other Collaborations 

Give a little history for your new potential collaborators. List some of your past collaborations that are most relevant. 

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