Establish Your Niche

Here are things to seriously consider before starting a blog:

1. What are you Passionate about

Blogging is definitely a lot of fun but it is also a TON of work. You and only you can create and produce the content you absolutely love. If you don't love the subject it will just burn you out. Blogging about things you know a lot about or do on a day to day basis is definitely something easier to do, rather than trying to learn a whole new craft and then trying to turn that into a business. Bottom line is you have to be passionate about your brand! 

2. Cliche but important, BE UNIQUE!

If you know your idea behind your blog, now think about what is going to make you stand out! I know it's cliche but honestly it's tremendously important in this over saturated market. For me when I first started out I focused on the fact that there was not many street style bloggers in Philadelphia, let alone ones that shared about the fashion brands/designers in Philadelphia. I knew I didn't want to be pigeonholed into strictly Philadelphia boutiques so I mixed in well known or fast fashion brands that people who weren't from my area would know of and be able to shop. 

3. Research & Plan

Now time to plan how you are going to execute launching your blog! Find some blogs you admire and figure out why you admire their site so much. Is it there photography, their style, their writing style? Whatever it is you started following their blog for a reason, and people will be drawn to your blog for a reason to! So take a minute and figure out what you are drawn to and what others might also be searching for! 

4. Create a Bio

Everyone needs a tagline! This is explaining what you and your blog are all about in a few short sentences. You want your audience to understand what their going to get when they come to your page. This also applies for Instagram. (In your Bio) 

Here is what mine looks like! 

honest Twenty one


5. Be Consistent With Your Content

When you figure out your niche, stick to it! Your audience is going to come to you for the things you specialize in. For example I'm fashion - street style, beauty, etc, But you won't catch me sharing recipes or DIY tutorials. That is definitely not my area of knowledge. So basically keep your content in one particular area, (or similar) but not all over the place. This is going to be the best way to keep your audience engaged in your content! 

Hopefully these tips will help you!