Setting Up Your Brand Email

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The Next Steps: 

Now that you have decided on your blog name, purchased your domain, and set up your host you now need an email! Your brand email is tremendously important! This is how brands and even your followers will communicate with you! So make it simple Ex: For one it has my blog name in it, and also my name. I think putting your name/blog name is better than putting press or info, because whoever is emailing you will see your first name and your blog name and have to remember it! 

Getting your brand email is easy! Any of the domain cites also have a place to buy your email domain! I prefer using zoho mail, because when you own a domain name you can use their email services for free! Who doesn't want something for free! The only thing you'll need to do is sync your domain with their server. See instructions below:

In case you missed it!