Buying Your Domain Name & Where To Host It


This is probably the second most important thing to think about when starting your blog. This is the name that people will begin to recognize you as, and what they will type into their search bar to find you. (i.e Make sure when deciding on your blog name that one it's not already a thing, whether it's another blog or whatever you don't want your name getting lost in the world of google! And two you can purchase the domain name of your choice. You want something That is going to be easy for your readers to remember. Domain names that involve dashes or periods in the middle tend to not be remembered. (Learned from experience!) 

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Places To Purchase Domain Names: 


-Go Daddy

-Blue Host


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Your host is the house for your website. Most hosting sites will have templates that are interchangeable, so this makes it easier for you to design your website! When first starting out I bought my domain from Hover, and hosted my site through squarespace. I found squarespace was really easy to figure out and work around considering I didn't know much about web design. squarespace was also very reasonable for a month to month plan.