Honestly Hitched: The Story Of Us

Honestly Hitched

So I want to start off by saying this. “You just know when you know.” I met Zach in college (Rutgers University) through mutual friends. We would run into each other here and there, and playfully flirt with one another, but that was it. We both had been in serious relationships at the time, so neither one of us pursued anything. But I always kept my eye on him cause there was just something about him. (Even though he will tell you, I didn’t notice him!) One night I get a text from a random number saying something like, “you’re a punk, just come out tonight.” The only person I could think of who would call me a punk was Zach. (Through our playful banter, he would always call me a punk). I remember texting back playing dumb, asking “who is this?” Well long story short I never did go out that night, but I stayed up till 4am texting back and forth with him. We literally talked about everything under the sun. Mind you, he was clearly out drinking with his friends, but he was so quick to respond. Not just one line responses either! He was typing full paragraphs and really engaging in our conversation.

The next day I couldn't stop thinking about him. Every time he texted me back I was so giddy! Something I hadn't felt in a long time. We later decided to hang out after class one day the following week. He came over to my apartment, I made dinner AND desert, and we watched The Voice together. It was kinda like we had hung out like that many times before, but yet it was the first time. I remember being so nervous when he was getting ready to leave that night. Was he going to kiss me? Does he even want to kiss me? Am I the only one who feels this? I was literally so in my head. (Which may have been from the nerves.) He only hugged me when he left my place, so I was then convinced I made this connection all up in my head. Shutting the front door I remember thinking, “ok Meg don’t text him, don’t think about him, just forget that even just happened.” No sooner did I receive a text from him.

honestly hitched

Another night of texting till 4am and I was beyond myself. I was smitten with this guy. The next day I was in the library with my best friend Lexi and I just had to tell her why I was so happy all of a sudden. She didn't even know who Zach was but she was so excited about all the things I had told her about him, and our conversations. Sitting there telling her all this, I get a text from him, saying how happy he’s been talking to me the last few days, and that he literally has never felt this connected to someone so quick. I only remember that specifically because I felt the exact same way, the timing was incredible.

The only problem with this perfect scenario, we both were in other relationships. And I know that sounds terrible of both of us, but my relationship was long over before meeting Zach. So far over I barely spoke to him or saw him even. It needed to end, and now I had a reason to stand up and leave that person. Zach was in a relationship that was only lasting because of guilt. Neither one of us wanted to “cheat” and we didn't. We both quickly ended our relationships before even hanging out again. Other then Lexi, no-one else knew about Zach and I even “talking.” Well we couldn't hide it for long…

We basically spent everyday of that summer together. We were (and still are) insuperable. He truly is my best friend and soulmate. We just totally get one another. We’ve lived in 5 different places together, we’ve traveled together, and we’ve truly grown together. I don’t know where I would be without Zach. He’s my boy and I’m his girl, forever and then some.

When it came to picking wedding bands, we wanted the traditional bands, but we also wanted something simple and stylish we could wear everyday and not worry about scratching them! (Zach often works with his hands) That’s why we love Enso! Zach has always called me his mermaid, so when the newest Enso legends collection came out, we knew what bands we wanted! Check out the collection here!