Honestly Hitched: Our Wedding Party

Honestly Hitched: Our Wedding Party

Right after getting engaged, we knew the first thing we wanted to do was ask our best friends to join us at the alter and help us celebrate this new chapter! We’ve always talked about who they would be so when it came down to it we knew the 10 people we wanted to ask! Anyone who know’s me knows F R I E N D S is my all time favorite show! So I knew I wanted to tie the way I asked my girls to the show. So I had “The One Where Meg Get’s Married” shirts made with their role printed on them. I also had matching labels made for bottles of sparkling rose! Tocca candles, and fragrances were a few other goodies I put into a box for each of them.

What was inside:

The Tocca - La Dolce Vita Bianca , Montauk Candela , Bora Bora Candela, Friends Themed Bachelorette tanks, Friends Themed Wine Labels

Zach asked his group of groomsmen with something that would be used long after our wedding day! Zach being the collector of watches that he is, wanted all of his friends to have a matching watch for the big day. 4EST Shades has amazing wood watches that are handmade from real wood and natural materials, Zach loved how different they were. He also threw in a bottle of rum with matching Friends themed labels, which they’ll probably drink on his bachelor party!

What Was Inside:

Friends Themes labels, 4EST Shades Maple Wood Watch


The 10 members of our bridal party are our 10 closes friends. Some of them we’ve known for 10 years, some 2 years, but either way they are the 10 people we couldn’t imagine not having up there with us.

Thank you Tocca and 4EST Shades for sponsoring this post.