How I JUSTify My Period!

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Okay ladies, let’s talk about that not-so-glamorous thing called menstruation. It’s time we stop feeling awkward about talking about our periods. Having been through my fair share of bad periods, I appreciate nothing more than a simple and trusty tampon! I’m someone who is always on the move, so finding the right tampon for my lifestyle has taken me years! I’ve tried it all, and I’m sure you all have too, but here’s my tip to a worry free “time of the month”. Just period products are my favorite tampon brand now, just for the ease of knowing it’s going to work! 

When the box says “super” it means super absorbency. When I’m running around the city I don’t want to worry if I’m leaking and with just. I don’t have that issue. For me, it’s a worry- & hassle-free product. Having a reliable tampon has made me more comfortable with my body during my cycle. I’m more confident and feel safer in my womanhood. You can now find #justperiods tampons at Walmart!

p.s their packaging is too cute! This post is sponsored by just. and the InfluenceHer Collective. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Honest Twenty One possible!

How I Edit My Photos


After seeing tons of comments and requests, here is the long awaited how I edit my Instagram photos post. I waited long to post this because I wanted to make sure that I had it perfect before sharing with you guys!

So secret is out: I use my own preset that I created on an Adobe program called Lightroom with a long time friend Lauren. I personally feel that you cannot find anything more customizable then this program. The two biggest tips that I have when creating is finding the perfect hue and saturation of you photos that you enjoy working with. For example, I love the blues and oranges, so I am sure to play with that after applying the preset.

Lightroom is a program for your computer or your photo or your tablet. You do have to pay for the one on the computer, but the iPhone app is completely free (which is beyond amazing!!). This is how I edit all my iPhone photos! It’s so quick and easy especially when I want to post something in real time!

So if you are not interested in making your own preset or purchasing one, no worries! This is not the one application out there. There are so many different apps that come with filters and awesome applications that make your ability to personalize so easy! I have also used Snapseed, Presco, Facetune 2, Afterlight, ProCam, and InShot. These apps can do everything from add the filter on or whiten a photo, to adding the dust effect, the options are endless!

Friendsgiving with Dunkin!


Friendsgiving with Dunkin!

This year I had the pleasure of celebrating Friendsgiving with Dunkin in celebration of there new espresso drinks! I have never been an espresso drinker, but @dunkin ‘s new smooth espresso is a game changer! Thanksgiving may be over now but I’m thankful for @dunkin ‘s new handcrafted lattes and cappuccinos! Their new blend is the perfect balance between rich & smooth!

I am so happy to have met the Dunkin team, and had the opportunity to get to know what makes this espresso recipe different from all the rest! Not to mention the spread was amazing! I even got a latte made with my face in it! (I drank it so fast I didn’t even get a picture.)

My Fall Fashion Essentials

Honesttwentyone denim

With it just beginning to get cold outside, I wanted to share with you five of my fall essentials aka the items I cannot live without when it is just beginning to get cold outside. The first one is the all-time classic black bootie. It is something so easy and second nature to get drawn to when it gets cold out.

The next big essential in my life during the fall is my teddy bear coat. It has to be the softest jacket of them all! These jackets cause you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket all day!


Another essential that I am drawn to is the chunky knit sweater. It is a staple piece during the fall to pair with everything. As a little tip when it comes to styling a sweater, layering is a fun aspect that spices up any outfit.

Honesttwentyone x bernie robbins

NYFW Day 3: Son Jung Wan, Christian Cowan, and Jonathan Simkhai


Day 3 of NYFW was actually my fifth day in the city! If you count the two days of photo shoots, LIM college panel discussion with Fashion Mingle, and the ever evolving events that happen during fashion week. So you can probably imagine the exhaustion at that point! Nevertheless actual day 3 of shows were nothing shy of amazing! Jonathan Simkhai being my all time favorite of the entire week.

Honesttwentyone x nyfw

After several seasons of attending NYFW shows, I think the presentation style “shows” are my favorite. Not only are they more personal but they give you the chance to appreciate the designs and then mingle and meet some of the best people in the industry! Jonathan Simkhai’s presentation was exactly that. However my absolutely favorite part was getting to see the behind the scenes. Seeing how the designer interacted with his models, the photographers, that event staff, his team, not only made me appreciate his brand, but him as a person in this industry.

I’ve heard some horror stories about designers and how they treat people. So seeing first hand the artist and the environment he creates with his team was truly impressive. Each season I gain more and more respect for those behind the scenes. Well cheers to another NYFW in the books!

Ps. If you missed my IG stories during NYFW, you can find everything on my “NYFW” highlight on my Instagram!

Photography by Laurel Creative