What I Learned About Myself After My Big Move & Why I'm Coming Back To The East Coast

So if you've been following my journey throughout my BIG move across country you may think it's been super glamorous and exciting. While it has been a rush of excitement, it has been the least bit glamorous. I was so ready for something unknown and new however it has been incredibly scary to go away from everything you know and love. Not only do I miss my family and friends but my city and the presence I've built there. 

The beginning was excitement but their were definitely some tears shed along the way. I'm not even a cryer! However this experience has taught me more about being an entrepreneur. I've always been super independent but with growing myself and my brand I have had help. I have mentors, my team, and a network of professionals I know and work with. In California I started from scratch. My network was now on a different time zone than me and it definitely made for difficult communication. So this made me think like "can I do this?" 

Being an entrepreneur is so much more than being a business owner but someone who can take any situation and make a positive outcome. So I persevered and fought through the tough days and soaked up every bit of California I could. But what's not broken doesn't need to be fixed. I left so much back on the east coast and after my departure to the westside more and more opportunities have been thrown my way back east. I know I have amble room to grow anywhere, but I know this is where I need to be now. So while the journey to and from may not be easy or ideal, I am happy with my decision to come back home. So watch out East Coast I'm coming back for you! 

"Success is failure turned inside out. If you're afraid to fail, you'll never succeed." - Dorothy Herman CEO of Douglas Elliman