The Boots You Need To Own & Glitter Boot Dups

5 boots you need .png

1. Sock Boots 2. Glitter Boots (Cheaper) 3. Chloe Studded Ankle Boot 4. Combat Boot

Lets talk BOOTS! With fall's arrival there are always a new list of boots we all want. At the top of that list for me is sock boots! Sock boots are ridiculously comfortable and versatile. They go with just about anything. Glitter boots are also all the rage this season. And In case you can't afford the $10,000 YSL boots, I've linked some cheaper versions that are selling out everywhere! Combat boots are nothing new, but now we love a good heeled combat boot! I recently bought a pair of vintage Robert Clergerie boots that are almost identical to Weworewhat's Jane boot. I've also been such a big fan of the studded Chloe ankle boot. Last season I had my eyes on them and they were always sold out! I made sure to get my hands on them this fall!