Valentines Day With Quip

Valentine's Day usually always falls during NYFW for me, so Zach and I usually celebrate the weekend before or after! By celebrate I mean kick it at home with each other and our pups! Morning breath is definitely a REAL thing! Zach and I don't hide it from one another, and we definitely don't let each other get away with bad breath! How often do you share the sink with your significant other to brush your teeth? Say I if it's every night!! ( I know I do!) Before climbing into bed we have a routine, cause good oral hygiene doesn't happen by it's self! Our brush of choice is Quip! Quip is not only affordable, convenient to travel with, but it's sleek design is just picture perfect! Improve your oral health game together this VDAY! After all couples who quip together, stay together! 

Be Your's This Valentines Day

Spoil yourself with romantic gestures this Valentines Day! This day is not just about showing your love and appreciation for someone else! Give yourself a little something special this year! whether it's a little extra pampering in the morning, or splurging on some cute lingerie like my favorite set "The Nina" . Be YOURS this VDay, we'll call it Galentines Day this year! 


7 Days Of Love

Wearing: ATS Label Dresses

Weather your celebrating your love for a spouse, self-love or the love you have for your best friend it's the month of celebrating love! I personally don't like Valentines day. I think it's just a hallmark holiday honestly, you don't need one day to shower your loved one with flowers and candy. That day can be any day of the year! This month I'm showing extra love to my partner in crime! This girl has helped me throughout the process of growing my blog, and starting my new business (Auric Label) , amongst many other things life has thrown at me! We continue to share experiences and create together, and for that I honor our friendship everyday of the year, and highlight it this month! 

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