Spring Hair Refresh! Why Natural Root-Shadowing Blondes Are In This Season!

Over the last few months I've been desperately trying to grow my hair out! I'm talking length and color! Embracing your natural color is part of the growing out process and that's definitely something I've had to get use to! Now that summer is around the corner, It's time for a full hair REFRESH!

This time stepping into the Rittenhouse spa & salon, I let my stylist take control! Both Zach & I were getting a refresher and we walked away with more then just that! I left with a dewey blonde sun kissed color, while Zach lifted his (virgin never been touched) light brown hair to a more strawberry blonde color! Both of our stylists highlighted that natural root - shadowing blondes is like having the best of both worlds. Not only saves you serious money between appointments, it also saves your strands from being over-processed. Shadow roots are when you embrace your natural root color from the beginning of the dye job. 

Instead of spending hours processing our hair we were in and out in about an hour! (quickest salon trip ever!!) Forget the Kim K silver blonde (been there done that!) and go for a more natural refresh this season! 



12 Must Have Fall Beauty Products

I don't know about you guys but my skin changes along with the weather! Crazy thought I know but I take my skin care pretty serious so I make sure to change my products up and give my skin what it needs! In the summer everything changes for me including my perfume! When it gets a little cooler out my skin becomes really dry. I've tried so many expensive face creams but Hydro Boost Water Gel by Neutrogena saves me the hassle of flaky dry skin! And speaking of dry... Drybar has this amazing hair mask called Mudslide! I recently tried this product and loved loved loved it!! Aside from usual eye products, Laura Mercier Face illuminator is my newest make up essential! This rose gold highlighter just gives my face the perfect bit of shimmer! 


Pore Refining Daily Cleanser | Hydréa London Olive Wood Facial Brush | Hydro Boost Water Gel

gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel | Nars Blush | Zara Woman Star Jasmine & Candy  | NCLA Nudes Lacquer | Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick |  | Too Faced Deluxe Better Than Sex | NARS Haute Hypnotic | Women's Drybar 'Mudslide'  | Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder



Lash Bash Beauty Ambassador

All my beauty babes listen up! I have partnered with a company called Lash Bash right here in Philly! As their beauty ambassador I am able to offer you all 25% off your own set of lashes! 

I have always had long eyelashes but the dark and fullness that these lashes give me is unbeatable! For my day to day lifestyle I typically keep my makeup light and as natural as possible. With my flirty set of lashes I rarely use mascara or any eye makeup anymore! It saves me so much time in the morning! 

I think the best part about getting semi permanent lashes on is that extra beauty I feel with them on! I feel so girly and feminine, without having to do anything! The girls at Lash Bash are all trained cosmetologists, that provide that highest of care! The atmosphere is so calming and it actually forces me to relax during my session. Lash Bash is it's own little oasis right here in down town Philadelphia! Use my code "Honest21" for 25% off of any classic set of lashes! Visit Lashbashphilly.com to see all services offered, also check out the full price break down when you use "Honest21" discount code! 

In Partnership with Lash Bash Philly

Photography // James Conley