Fall Pieces Styled for Summer

Wearing: Suncoo Top | Zara Pants | Merona Sandals | Chloe Sunnies | Lagos Jewelry

I am dying for fall to be here already! Not only is it my favorite season for more reasons than one, but I think all of us can agree that fall fashion is just better for fashion! Silk pants and an oversized tee is a simple casual go to ootd for me, but since I couldn't wait for fall I decided i'm bringing these fall pieces to my summer wardrobe too. Styled with embellished slip on's and a tee tied at the waist! 

Photography by Laurel Creative

Staple Embroidery

Nu Label Basics

Dressed Down

Thank the high heavens that it is starting to cool down weather wise, schedule wise not so much but thats okay! I love when I can wear a long sleeve shirt and shorts. Or in this case overalls! I don't know what it is but to me these are the best types of outfits. These overalls are in one of my favorite colors and I decided that this satin gray long sleeve paired really well with them. I tossed the heels and platforms for the day and threw on slip snake skin sneakers. 

Days where I'm in class from 8-4 are very long days for me. I am constantly on the go and some times I just wanna dress down. However I'm not talking about sweats and a t-shirt, so this is the perfect example of what dressing down means in the eyes of someone who live, breathes, and studies fashion!