The Comfiest Corset You'll Ever Own


The Comfiest Corset You'll Ever Own

Wearing:  (Similar)Zip Up Corset | Grey Bell Sleeve Top | Black Leggings | (Similar) OTK Boots  | St. Xavier Metal Bag 

I've never been a huge fan of corsets, because I can't stand the feeling of being restricted in something, but I love this zip up corset vest from H&M. I paired it with a simple bell sleeve top, plain black leggings, and these tight OTK boots with a leather round toe. 

Menswear Inspired Look

Menswear inspired basics are becoming essentials for the every stylish woman's wardrobe. I've always had a secret love for buying basic mens clothing and giving them my feminine twist! Until recently that's what i've had to do to get that look, but now menswear inspired women's wear is blowing up! Zara has been my favorite place to find menswear that truly doesn't look like menswear. The fit is oversize but it also fits me true to my size. This oversized dress shirt was effortlessly chic paired with low cut denim and my favorite fall ankle boots!

Photography By: Laurel Creative

Bell Sleeves

Statement sleeves is one of my favorite trends this fall. Bell sleeves are a bold look without being over baring. I paired this top with navy booties that make the look playful, yet wearable for multiple occasions. These bell sleeves are not overly intense but your eye immediately goes to them! I'm happy to say this Zara shirt is one of my fall conversation starters! On to my bottoms, I talked about them a little bit on insta stories & snapchat, but can we just take another minute! These big pocket pants from Free People are so comfortable! They can easily be dressed up or down, and I'm kind of obsessed with their texture. Anything suede is my go to's for the chillier seasons. 

Shirt: Zara | Pants: Free People | Booties: Primark | Tote: Zara

Fashion with a capital F

Recently I've become very aware of my relationship with my clothing. My style has changed a lot over the years. For me personally my style is the most diverse now then it has ever been. I am a very active person so I wear sports wear a lot. I'm also working and studying in an environment were I need to dress professional. I also have a more relaxed and casual style as well. So a lot of my outfits reflect these different areas of my life. So I've been finding myself think more about which way I can wear every piece of clothing I buy. 

"Fast Fashion" has created this demand for having the items we want fast and for less. Which obviously seems like it's a win win, but this does not always mean they have the best quality. For me stupid shopping was something I was a pro at. I would shop for clothes that I would make up a scenario to wear it to or something I might wear 3 times and then throw it out. But bad habits do die and this no longer works for me. I am continuing to build a cohesive closet that makes me happy and willing to wear the same pieces more then once in a multitude of ways!  

Zara is one of my favorite places to get a little bit of everything. I trust the quality and adore the designs! This shirt I bought back in May and it is a piece I will wear multiple times for sure! It's professional yet still casual. This color easily matches with different bottoms and accessories too. This particular piece I knew I 100% loved it and I already had plenty of reasons to wear it! So I bought it! I am making a big effort to choose better and focus on quality! 

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What's in your Bag?

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My hand bag is a must have accessory for me every single day. I feel naked when I don't have one with me! My Bag is always filled with things that I could possibly need at anytime for that particular occasion! As any girl would know we have tons of bags that are used for different reasons. We have our going out bags like small clutches or cross body bags, which we usually take out to the bar for the night or a dinner date type of occasion. Then theres the causal totes we use when we run to the mall for a quick second! Either way you look at it, it is essential to have a variety of different bags! Boys will never understand but thats okay they don't have to! This bag is my "work tote". I say this because it's huge! I can fit my Macbook, notebook, planner, and really any other work essentials I may need. This is a quick look inside my bag at the first 10 things I usually carry with me in my work tote! 

Bag Details:

Work Tote: Zara Wallet: Michael Kors Phone Case: Amazon Planner: Target Sunglass: Tory Burch  Lotion: Vichy  Lipstick: Smashbox