Velvet Gold

NYFW Day One Outfit

Anthropologie Personal Styling

I am so happy to share my collaboration with Anthropology! With the help from the lovely ladies at the anthro in Rittenhouse Square, we came up with some amazing outfits for this season to share with you all! Not many people know about the personal styling service that anthro offers for free! Yup I did in fact say free! These women know how to mix patterns, prints, and textures in all the right places. These are a few of my favorite pieces we put together! 

Together we went through the must have trending pieces and obviously that meant some velvet, and off the shoulder shirts! The stylists knew just how to help me explore the store to find just the right options. With their help I was maximizing my style without completely minimizing my wallet! I've experienced many times where stylists throw everything at you because they just want to make their commission but the anthro girls really care about you! They just get you! They pinpoint whats hot and help you build your wardrobe! 

Scheduling your styling appointment is just as simple! You can get in touch by phone, email, and even in person at any of the Anthropologie's near you! 

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In Collaboration with Anthropologie