Orgotton: Infinity Collection

This idea of a "capsule wardrobe" is all the craze recently. However I'm not a huge fan of this idea. It is nearly impossible for my wardrobe to consist of only a handful of pieces! Ask any fashion blogger that and I'm sure they would agree! I don't completely agree with the making of a "capsule wardrobe" but making my wardrobe more minimalistic is something I can agree with! 

Starting with the Infinity Collection by Orgotton.  This collection consists of four casual pieces that can be worn in an infinite amount of ways. The long straps made from organic fabric can be styled and wrapped however you want them to! There is no wrong way to style them, they are completely customizable. This collection is perfect for building a minimalistic wardrobe. The dark color palette is perfect for pairing for fall and winter! Not only can these pieces be worn casual but so easily transformed to something a little more chic! This collection is so multi-functional and allows you to buy less without sacrificing style! 

In collaboration with Orgotton  

99 Problems but Style Ain't One

Besides the occasional parking ticket or two while working or shopping along main street in Manayunk, I've noticed the small city streets are filled with fun urban fashion. Not to mention the scenery! Jeans and heels are some of my favorite parings! For me it is a nice blend between casual and dressy wear. I could wear this outfit to brunch with the girls, or out to dinner with the boy. My favorite part about it, is how comfortable I am in this type of look! Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans! I cannot express how much I love them! I am so NOT a jean person! I like jean shorts but typical plain blue jeans are something I own less of. Just because they aren't as comfortable to me. Fashion and style comes with confidence and comfortability. If I'm comfortable I feel more confident in my outfit choice! So boyfriend jeans make this an easy compromise! I worry less about the fit of the jean and more on what I pair with the baggy legged pant. This is a trend that has definitely come back in a big way and isn't going anywhere! 

Photography by James Conley 

What's in your Bag?

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My hand bag is a must have accessory for me every single day. I feel naked when I don't have one with me! My Bag is always filled with things that I could possibly need at anytime for that particular occasion! As any girl would know we have tons of bags that are used for different reasons. We have our going out bags like small clutches or cross body bags, which we usually take out to the bar for the night or a dinner date type of occasion. Then theres the causal totes we use when we run to the mall for a quick second! Either way you look at it, it is essential to have a variety of different bags! Boys will never understand but thats okay they don't have to! This bag is my "work tote". I say this because it's huge! I can fit my Macbook, notebook, planner, and really any other work essentials I may need. This is a quick look inside my bag at the first 10 things I usually carry with me in my work tote! 

Bag Details:

Work Tote: Zara Wallet: Michael Kors Phone Case: Amazon Planner: Target Sunglass: Tory Burch  Lotion: Vichy  Lipstick: Smashbox

Spicy Mustard

I have never been one to stick to just the basic colors like black, white, and gray for my wardrobe. I think having basics are obviously essential to build a wardrobe but having different colored pieces gives you variety to work with. I like mixing colors and textures a lot. This mustard top is the first mustard thing I own! It has quickly become one of my favorites now! This top is fun and loud to me! It can be dressy or casual and thats the best part about it! This is another thing I find super essential to any wardrobe, it must be versatile. If you can have one top and work it two different ways, then it was definitely a good buy! 

Photography by James Conley

Outfit details:

Top: Primark. Jeans: American Eagle. Shoes: Aldo.