What is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter?

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I've been receiving so many questions about what my new 'day' job is, with my partnership with Sevenly there is no better time to reveal what I've been up to. So many of you know I've partnered with Sevenly before and their shop with a cause theme is something I truly love to support. This month I am supporting those fighting Cancer. Coincidentally this coincides with my new day job. I am now working as a certified mastectomy fitter at University of Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. In a nut shell a mastectomy fitter handles the fitting of breast prostheses and post mastectomy services. Everything from fitting, and adjusting their symmetry to finding a comfortable bra they can wear with their prostheses. This opportunity kind of found me so I decided to take the gamble. Now I'm so happy I did. It is incredibly rewarding helping women of all ages feel good about their breasts again! The best part about my job is getting to share it with all of you now. Not many women even know about this service so it is definitely something I wanted to share. If you or anyone you know is looking for symmetry and balance after having a mastectomy please visit Jay Ann Intimates . Also check out Sevenly to shop a variety of different causes. 

Fashion Responsibility With Sevenly

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I mentioned this company Sevenly on my Insta stories a few weeks ago and I finally got the chance to wear this graphic tee from them. Not only do I love this style graphic tee, but I love the cause behind the brand. Sevenly raises awareness for a variety of different causes through different fashion forward wear. It's so refreshing to know that there are brands out there to are in it for the social good! Shop your cause at Sevenly.

In Collaboration with Sevenly

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