Orgotton: Infinity Collection

This idea of a "capsule wardrobe" is all the craze recently. However I'm not a huge fan of this idea. It is nearly impossible for my wardrobe to consist of only a handful of pieces! Ask any fashion blogger that and I'm sure they would agree! I don't completely agree with the making of a "capsule wardrobe" but making my wardrobe more minimalistic is something I can agree with! 

Starting with the Infinity Collection by Orgotton.  This collection consists of four casual pieces that can be worn in an infinite amount of ways. The long straps made from organic fabric can be styled and wrapped however you want them to! There is no wrong way to style them, they are completely customizable. This collection is perfect for building a minimalistic wardrobe. The dark color palette is perfect for pairing for fall and winter! Not only can these pieces be worn casual but so easily transformed to something a little more chic! This collection is so multi-functional and allows you to buy less without sacrificing style! 

In collaboration with Orgotton  

Philly Fashion Week Recap

PFW was something I was really excited to attend because it's right here in my city! I had lots of stylish events to go to and met some awesome designers that showcased their work throughout the week. It was such a surprise to me that not many people in places as close as NYC knew about Philly fashion week. Although Philly fashion week is on a smaller scale then NYFW it is still an amazing accomplishment for this city and it's designers. 

I was very excited to wear some of my favorite local designers during the week. Orgotton was one of my favorite pieces to wear and photograph. Not only is their new collection to die for because of the diversity of just one piece, but it is made from the most comfortable fabric of all time! It hugs you in all the right places and shows off just enough skin! 

PFW has a urbanity feel to it, and it reflects in it's fashion. So naturally my fashion choices did as well! I think the fashion here reflects my relationship with this city, it's close knit and loving. I encourage you all to check out these amazing Philadelphia designers! 

Wearing // Short Infinity Dress by Orgotton

Photography //  Antonio D. Guerrero

Designer Information // Visit Philadelphia Fashion Incubator