Normandy Farms Staycation Review!

This past weekend I took a little stay cation at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, PA. It was so nice to tuck away from the cold snowy weather and curl up by the fire after stuffing my face at The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant. Pulling up to the hotel you would never realize how old it actually is! The hotel is rich in history as it dates back to 1730 and was once a gentleman's estate and largest barn in the United States. The farm was extremely successful and became famous for pioneering new agricultural and farming techniques. It’s now a popular place for weddings, corporate events, and blissful getaway’s! Not to mention their award winning executive pastry chef is one of the best in the world. Anyone who know’s me know’s I’m a huge sweets person, so I was in heaven! Everything is farm to table, locally sourced, and the presentation doesn’t disappoint. It was so nice to just getaway and feel at such peace while at Normandy Farms! I can’t wait to come back when the weather warms up, take a dip in the pool, and taste more from their seasonal menu!

In Collaboration with Normandy Farms

Valentines Day With Quip

Valentine's Day usually always falls during NYFW for me, so Zach and I usually celebrate the weekend before or after! By celebrate I mean kick it at home with each other and our pups! Morning breath is definitely a REAL thing! Zach and I don't hide it from one another, and we definitely don't let each other get away with bad breath! How often do you share the sink with your significant other to brush your teeth? Say I if it's every night!! ( I know I do!) Before climbing into bed we have a routine, cause good oral hygiene doesn't happen by it's self! Our brush of choice is Quip! Quip is not only affordable, convenient to travel with, but it's sleek design is just picture perfect! Improve your oral health game together this VDAY! After all couples who quip together, stay together! 

What I Learned About Myself After My Big Move & Why I'm Coming Back To The East Coast

So if you've been following my journey throughout my BIG move across country you may think it's been super glamorous and exciting. While it has been a rush of excitement, it has been the least bit glamorous. I was so ready for something unknown and new however it has been incredibly scary to go away from everything you know and love. Not only do I miss my family and friends but my city and the presence I've built there. 

The beginning was excitement but their were definitely some tears shed along the way. I'm not even a cryer! However this experience has taught me more about being an entrepreneur. I've always been super independent but with growing myself and my brand I have had help. I have mentors, my team, and a network of professionals I know and work with. In California I started from scratch. My network was now on a different time zone than me and it definitely made for difficult communication. So this made me think like "can I do this?" 

Being an entrepreneur is so much more than being a business owner but someone who can take any situation and make a positive outcome. So I persevered and fought through the tough days and soaked up every bit of California I could. But what's not broken doesn't need to be fixed. I left so much back on the east coast and after my departure to the westside more and more opportunities have been thrown my way back east. I know I have amble room to grow anywhere, but I know this is where I need to be now. So while the journey to and from may not be easy or ideal, I am happy with my decision to come back home. So watch out East Coast I'm coming back for you! 

"Success is failure turned inside out. If you're afraid to fail, you'll never succeed." - Dorothy Herman CEO of Douglas Elliman 

Winterized Beauty Routine With Bioderma

bioderma winter beauty with honest twenty one

Today I wanted to share the products I'm currently using to keep my skin healthy and moisturized this winter. I don't know where i've been living for the last several years but i've never used make up removing water before. Well I'm here to tell you it's like the BEST EVER! My skin has been free of any and all small blemishes while using Bioderma's Sensibio H2o This stuff really does work better then any make up wipes ive ever used! My next step is Bioderma's Sebium purifying gel. This is a great face wash for combination skin like mine! 2-3 times a week or when needed, I use Dermalogica's Daily Superfoliant . This stuff is heavenly, removing environmental triggers that are aging my skin without me even knowing it! this powder exfoliant is not to harsh and completely resurfaces my skin after every use! When I'm finally done cleaning my skin I matify my skin with Bioderma's Sebium Mat Moisturizer.  Double cleansing your skin is so important to keep your skin the healthiest it can be, and keep it from aging faster then you are! My skin is my favorite palette, so I do my best and use the best products to keep it fresh and clean every day. Shop these products below!