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5 Things To Do Before 2017

 I'm just as shocked as you are about how FREAKING FAST this year went by! 2016 was extremely challenging and exciting in the best of ways for me, but theres always things I think I haven't done yet! But there's still time to accomplish everything you set out to do this year! I'm not a big fan of new year resolutions or whatever, but I definitely make a list of some goals for myself! Call me old school but I still carry an actual planner where I write everything in! Every new year I'll get a new planner and write out some actual achievable goals, when i'm done with that planner I go back ad see what I actually did accomplish! 

Here's a list of 5 things you can definitely do before 2017!


1. Take Care Of Those Things You've Been Putting Off

You know exactly what I'm talking about! Doctors appointments, winter cleaning, etc nows the time to get to it all. If you set some time aside to just take care of these things your going to feel more prepared for the rush of the new year. 

2. Get Healthy

I don't mean start some crazy juice cleanse, but be healthy! Go take a yoga class, stimulate your mind, do things you know you want to do to make yourself feel at its best! The power of these simple things can go a long way for your physical, mental, and emotional health! 

3. Clear out your phone

Yup it may sound unnerving, but it's oh so freeing! Swipe right and delete those old text messages and emails. Go through your photos and free up some space for a whole new years worth of memories to come! 

4. Relax

You heard me chill out! Everyone need to calm down from time to time.  Having to much on your plate can actually keep you from accomplishing what you want to get done! One thing I've learned this year is to take care of your mind, and the rest will follow! You physically can not do it all, so get some rest and recharge!

5. Plan ahead

Think about any major events you have coming up, devise a way to stay organized so that your prepared before they happen. Spring weddings, vacations, moving, whatever it is thinking ahead allows you to make better decisions so your not so overwhelmed when the time comes. 


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