How to live with a boyfriend

So I've been asked a lot about "how to live with your boyfriend", so I decided I would share my experiences and give some tips for all my ladies and gents who are thinking about moving in together! Me and Zach have lived together for two years now and we've loved every second of it. We make everything work even when things might get rough. We have moved twice, brought a third animal into our home, while managing school, and our careers so we've definitely hit all the major marks of living and loving with a significant other. Now for some tips! These five tips are what I think are most important to remember! 

1. Understand Budget

While talking about money and bills is dreadful it has to be done when deciding to live together. Setting a up an account where you both can use for house expenses is definitely recommended. It just makes things easier and doesn't leave room for overspending your rent money! Zach and I split everything, we are constantly cashing money to each other for even the littlest of things. But thats just how we do it, everyone will have their own system but definitely find what works! 

2. Knowing Your Space

Having your own space is important! Living together is whole new step in your relationship, but your going to want your space at times. Being under the same roof and not in the same room all the time is a great thing! Learning to not be on top of each other all the time is key to making him miss you a little more! I miss Zach when he's sitting next to me, but even we need our space at times! 

3. Be Flexible With Habits 

Your definitely gonna notice some habits forming after living together for a little while. Things like where they kick their shoes off when they get home or those tiny facial hairs left on the bathroom sink after he shaves. These are just habits that guys just do, and you know you have habits of your own that he may not necessarily like either. But this is what you signed up for and instead of fighting it just be flexible and learn to approach those situations without a fight! Zach and I honestly never argue, but there are definitely habits of his that "annoy" me but I've learned if I don't like where he left something I'll move it to where it goes and it's done. When he needs it again he'll find it and he'll know why I moved it and usually wont keep doing it! Nothing said just a simple action. 

4. Maintaining Your Independence

It's important you still have time for things outside of living and being together. Work, hobbies, girl time, shopping, whatever it is that makes you feel like you DON'T LOSE THAT! Even little things on your own during the day helps! We like to keep ourselves busy even on off days and sometimes those days are spent apart from each other. He might go golfing with the boys for a few hours and I'll go shopping with a girlfriend or to a cafe to work and we'll make plans to meet up after! It's a balancing act. 

5. Remember Your In It Together

It's not about who buys what or who was last to do something. Having a home is not an easy job it is definitely something that requires a lot of effort on both sides. At the end of the day it's everything you do or buy is for each other so the price and time doesn't matter. Remember your in this together not as separates. This is your home together so treat it that way! With all the hard work it takes to have and maintain a home you should love it and enjoy it with the one your doing it all with!

I could go on for days, and I'm sure i've overlooked a thing or two but after some experience living with a significant other I believe these are the best five things to keep in mind! 

Till Next Time!