Fashion In Philly

I was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia and while I didn't always realize it but working, blogging, and attending school here has made me appreciate what this beautiful city has to offer. Especially in the realm of the fashion industry. Not only do we have some amazing street boutiques but we have some amazing fashion programs at our local universities that have produced some of our favorite designers. Philadelphia University is one of them, which I am proud to be apart of. Graduates now have jobs with companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Outfitters, and Vogue Magazine. 

This city is a lot smaller then people think! By that I mean the fashion network here is small, everyone knows someone or somewhere. Many local designers house their clothing in the same showrooms, boutiques, neighborhoods, etc. Many of these designers and influencers are also alumni from the same places, which makes our networks small and close knit! Philadelphia is an ever growing city with a passion for success in the fashion industry. 

In case you missed some of the amazing designs from Philly Fashion Week, check out my recap (here)

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