All About Accent Details

Accent furniture, accent pillows, accent walls! Yup the secrets out! I'm finally sharing the easy and affordable way Zach and I livened up our blank walls in our new home! I was so excited to partner with Woodwol because their pre-made wood panels make it so easy to convert a space instantly. Picking out the wood was the hardest part! (Thanks to you guys who voted on my Instastories)  Once we picked the wood design and color we liked the best, next was deciding what wall to put it on. We chose the wall behind our TV in the living room. This was the perfect spot to balance out the hunter green velvet couch, and industrial pieces we picked for our living room. We are so happy with the way it turned out! Our accent wall is now not only a conversation started for our guests, but a piece of art for us! 

If your looking for a fun way to spice up a blank wall in your home Woodwol is easy, fun, and affordable! Shop their wood samples before committing! 


In collaboration with Woodwol

RuRu Louise Media House - Interior Inspiration

Thanks to the amazing crew of women at RuRu Louise I am able to share a glimpse into their stylish NYC showroom! Located in the center of the Garment District, RuRu Louise houses some of the most unique designer collections. After my first time visiting the space I knew it was definitely worth sharing! I fell in love with the black and white marble flooring and white furniture details, not to mention how instantly warm the space is by the bright clothing hung on the racks. The glossy chairs and velvet curtains make this space sleek and inspiring.  

Thank you to RuRu Louise Media House for sponsoring this post! 

Photography by: Laurel Creative

Hotel Palomar

When I think of the perfect place to go for a night way in the city the Kimpton Palomar Hotel is the place that comes very close to mind. The neutral color scheme and modern furniture is perfect for a great relaxation and provides such a warming environment. The best staycation spot in town!

Thank you to Kimpton Palomar Hotel for sponsoring this post.

Monochrome Living


Monochromatic rooms are bright and to me that cheers up the space no matter what the weather is like or mood you are in. These are the keys things I pay attention to when decorating our monochrome space.

Decor materials: Silver and gold plating, wood, leather, straw, are the types of textured pieces that make a very minimalistic room standout. They look the best against a white backdrop, and keep the room from feeling bare. 

The power of good lighting: Never underestimate a room with good lighting. The power of good lighting, or natural lighting can change everything for a particular room. Before committing to any type of paint colors consider the lighting you have. With white, or really light gray wall colors lighting is extremely crucial, other wise the room may make you feel trapped! 

The art of effective storage: The key to make a room look less cluttered but still hold a lot of your stuff is effective storage. If your anything like me I don't like wires, and gaming systems to show in my living room space, so I use shelving units that will hide them! Floating shelves are a modern way to get that junk stored away! 



Inside La Colombe's Home Office

 Thanks to Kate Kelly; social media & events coordinator for La Colombe, I had the chance to glance into their home office inside of their Fishtown Cafe, right here in Philadelphia. 

I love looking into other people's workspaces. La Colombe's flagship store was an abandoned warehouse that now is the home to their beautifully wooden headquarters. The office space is very industrial with touches of modern materials. It is so visually appealing, why wouldn't this space be inside one of their largest cafe's!

The building houses more then just their cafe & company office, but also a rum distillery, a full size kitchen including their own bakery, and even a tasting room. La Colombe has become such a popular place where all sorts of people come to dive into work, grab a perfectly made latte, splurge on some delicious bites, and even grab drinks after work. With ample seating and tasty menu options La Colombe is a local gem!

La Colombe is all of that and more for me! I love the environment and diversity their cafe brings to my local scene. Not only is their iced red eye coffee delicious, but their intricate cups and cutting board plates are too cute not to photograph! I find myself craving their spicy flatbread pizza with a drizzle of honey! I am constantly going to the hub that is La Colombe when needing to get out of my own office and still get some work done. The space is perfectly inspiring. 

Photography // James Conley

In Collaboration with La Colombe