Fashion with a capital F

Recently I've become very aware of my relationship with my clothing. My style has changed a lot over the years. For me personally my style is the most diverse now then it has ever been. I am a very active person so I wear sports wear a lot. I'm also working and studying in an environment were I need to dress professional. I also have a more relaxed and casual style as well. So a lot of my outfits reflect these different areas of my life. So I've been finding myself think more about which way I can wear every piece of clothing I buy. 

"Fast Fashion" has created this demand for having the items we want fast and for less. Which obviously seems like it's a win win, but this does not always mean they have the best quality. For me stupid shopping was something I was a pro at. I would shop for clothes that I would make up a scenario to wear it to or something I might wear 3 times and then throw it out. But bad habits do die and this no longer works for me. I am continuing to build a cohesive closet that makes me happy and willing to wear the same pieces more then once in a multitude of ways!  

Zara is one of my favorite places to get a little bit of everything. I trust the quality and adore the designs! This shirt I bought back in May and it is a piece I will wear multiple times for sure! It's professional yet still casual. This color easily matches with different bottoms and accessories too. This particular piece I knew I 100% loved it and I already had plenty of reasons to wear it! So I bought it! I am making a big effort to choose better and focus on quality! 

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