Monochrome Living


Monochromatic rooms are bright and to me that cheers up the space no matter what the weather is like or mood you are in. These are the keys things I pay attention to when decorating our monochrome space.

Decor materials: Silver and gold plating, wood, leather, straw, are the types of textured pieces that make a very minimalistic room standout. They look the best against a white backdrop, and keep the room from feeling bare. 

The power of good lighting: Never underestimate a room with good lighting. The power of good lighting, or natural lighting can change everything for a particular room. Before committing to any type of paint colors consider the lighting you have. With white, or really light gray wall colors lighting is extremely crucial, other wise the room may make you feel trapped! 

The art of effective storage: The key to make a room look less cluttered but still hold a lot of your stuff is effective storage. If your anything like me I don't like wires, and gaming systems to show in my living room space, so I use shelving units that will hide them! Floating shelves are a modern way to get that junk stored away!