Hair Routine

To be honest I was loving being a blondie for a while, but I definitely missed my natural hair color. So a little over a month ago I decided to go back to the dark side, after posting some pictures I got a lot of great feedback asking all questions about my hair! So I decided I wanted to share with you guys my day to day hair routine! So here it goes!


I usually curl my hair everyday. My hair naturally has a wavy vibe to it so I just add a few extra curls here and there on a normal day. If I have to wash my hair and blow dry it I will do more curls. I use a 1 & 1/4th inch barrel. I've used Hot Tools products for years so thats the brand I typically suggest. I use a little TRESemme Keratin Smoothing Serum before and after I blow dry my hair. Especially in this summer heat my hair needs the extra protein. 

My hair is really thick and full so holding curls in is not a problem for me. I usually like when they fall out more anyway! After I finish curling my hair I spray flex reflect lightweight glossing hairspray by fave4. This helps to enhance the natural shine of my hair. Depending on the day and condition of my hair I will also use fave4's texture takeover oomph enhancing hairspray.   Usually if I rock out without washing my hair for 2-3 days I use texture takeover to give me some extra volume! 

I hope you all enjoyed & found this helpful! I will definitely be exploring more with beauty tips, tricks, and product reviews soon! Let me know anything specific you guys want me to cover in the future!


 Styling // Megan HTO

Photography // James Conley