BALANCE with Flynn & King

I've expressed my love for Flynn & King products before, and I'm gonna do it again because everything I try makes me like them more and more! After using the DETOX soap I've started to use this BALANCE toner made with aloe and rose geranium. The essential oils leave my skin feeling hydrated and replenished! After getting a little to much sun this weekend I treated my tender skin on my chest and arms with this spray and it literally took the burning sensation out! Not only does it sooth and destress your skin but it smells like fresh flowers! Who wouldn't want to spray this stuff all over them! 

Think I'm making it up? Well see what has to say about them! They have unbelievable products for unbeatable prices! When ordering your Flynn & King soaps, mists, and scrubs at check out let them know how you heard about them! (AKA give HTO a shoutout!)