Why Charcoal Is So Good For Your Skin

My latest health fad is charcoal products. Activated charcoal is the next best thing that has entered the beauty world! Charcoal absorbs impurities, and helps to purify and deep clean your skin. My favorite charcoal product is Detox, neem and activated charcoal soap by Flynn & King.  My skin is super sensitive and my oil glands are overactive when the weather warms up, so finding the right products that clean my stubborn skin is a priority for me. This detoxifies my skin, and soothes any type of irritation I have, like eczema!! Gross I know! This black bar of soap does wonders for me so I just had to share! There are so many things charcoal can be used for and people have no idea! Charcoal can even be used to whiten your teeth! Yes you can use these soaps on your teeth! If you prefer not to put charcoal straight in your mouth, you could
 always try teeth whitening products that are infused with charcoal .Using all charcoal products are made naturally and are completely vegan. If your obsessed over natural products, or even just looking for some new skin care products, charcoal is worth a try! 


HTO's Favorite Charcoal Products