Designers To Know About

Last month I started working with Designer and owner of Toile Atelier; Bianca De Pietro. She has exposed me to such beautifully handcrafted jewelry from dozens of different designers from Philadelphia. Designers like Cozen NYC, Orgotton Staylow jewelry, Nuance, and Vannucci are just some of the amazing jewelry designers at Toile. These crystal quarts rings, and chunky gemstone necklaces are the perfect add on to any simple outfit. 

I love finding new designer buys in this city! The fashion in Philadelphia is picking up fast! Make sure to visit Toile for some of these amazing designers accessories! Also make sure to follow my snapchat (@megybaby) to see more designer buys and projects! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Jewelry by:

Staylow division of Orgotton

Nuance Jewelry


Cozen NYC