Just in: Vintage platforms

Vintage and recycled clothing is the best way to reuse old pieces for new outfits! During my moving process my friend MJ and I were going through old clothes and doing the traditional keep, toss, or give away routine. Well between both of us moving (were neighbors now!!) we had lots of stuff between the two of us! So we went to some local consignment shops to give some old clothes a new home. Of course my eyes went wondering and I fell in love with these vintage designer platforms. I told myself if they didn't fit it wasn't meant to be, but they fit perfectly!! So naturally I got them! Obviously if that happens you get the shoes! 

There were lots of clothes and shoes that MJ donated, and she happened to give me a pile of my own! I love closet swopping with friends! MJ is from Texas and while our style is similar she has plenty of pieces I don't have, so one thing I took off her hands was this aztec kimono. It is cut in a circle shape, and lays over the tips of your shoulders perfectly. It was just the right added piece to this outfit. 

Inspiration // Vintage from Greene Street

Styling // Megan HTO

Photography // James Conley