California Diary

So my trip to California was wild to say the least. Although I was sick and a bit jet lagged in the beginning I made the most of it! I can say passionately that I am definitely meant to be living out on the west coast! At least someday I will. However it's great to be back home and I'm so happy to finally share more about our trip with you! I visited a bunch of touristy spots obviously but I will say it was the hidden gems that were my favorite! 

The meditation gardens in Encinitas were absolutely beautiful. Standing on top of the cliff looking over the ocean was a moment I will never forget. It was an experience for sure, I don't usually meditate but there were plenty of people who were and it was kind of cool to watch. (that's not creepy right?!) In that moment it was nice to forget about the anxiety of life and just live in the breath of what was the meditation gardens.  


During the first part of our trip we stayed with friends in a cute beach town called Leucadia. We were two blocks from the beautiful beach, and had plenty of delicious places to eat at! My favorite morning spot was this coffee shop called Coffee Coffee. Their chi tea latte's were heaven sent! During one afternoon I snuck down there to do some work and got lost in the blissful environment. Everyone in Leucadia makes you feel welcomed and at home. 

During our last few days we stayed in L.A. I haven't been back in L.A in over 8 years so it was a lot more fun to experience this time around. Not only did we visit Venice beach, and the Santa Monica pier, but we hiked to the Hollywood sign with a group of our friends from Rutgers. It was so nice to have an extended vacation filled with so much to do! I hope you all liked the pictures I've shared with you!