Sporty Spice

This summer I have found myself loving to workout! I use to dread going to the gym and now I look forward to it! I definitely don't go everyday and I'm not one to "count calories" but the natural boost of energy that the gym gives me is enough to make me want to go! If I'm not working out in the gym walking, biking, or running along the river is what i'll do. 

In the evening I can throw a flannel on to make this outfit just a little bit more casual and then i'm ready to go! 

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Styling // Megan HTO

Photography // James Conley


I was a dancer for most of my young life so being in active wear is what I'm comfortable in. I love these spandex compression pants from under armor. They help increase my muscle power! For days like this when I have a million errands to run and still want to workout I rock the sporty girl look.