Moving with: Ikea

Zach and I are moving in a month and the shopping has begun! I mentioned before that we are moving because we wanted more space and that means a whole lot more room to decorate and design. We decided to take a trip into Ikea one day to get some inspiration and we walked out with a lot more then just some inspiration. We chose pieces that we could build on or add too later. We love rearranging and changing things up in our home and Ikea is perfect for doing that! 

After purchasing this new apartment I fell in love with the idea of the clean white look. I think white just makes the room inviting and comfortable. We still loved the rustic wood furniture so we decided to do wooden pieces with white accents. From white vases, coffee table, throw blankets, etc. These little things are really going to make our living room space feel clean, and inviting. 

Were so excited to get into our new home! I have loved shopping and designing each room, but now the packing begins! I will be sharing more with you all later this month! Thank you all for your comments and suggestions of places to go and pieces to get! It definitely inspired me!