Letter to God

So this is my Diary after all and as I wont always write about Zach (my boy), there is something I need to add as part of us meeting. I wanted to share this because it is something that was shared with me and I followed it and it worked! If anyone knows me, they know I am far from religious. My family is a full mix of beliefs so I believe in all sorts of things. However I do believe in God and I believe in talking to him. This is my version of praying. I have conversations with him via letters or just thoughts in my head that I verbalize sometimes. A few years ago Jessie James (who I've loved since I was 15) spoke on her blog about her "letter to God". In this letter she asked god to give her a man. She included all the little details she would want in someone. So with that being said, during that time I had realized that the boy I was currently with was not the MAN I was suppose to be with. We had more bad days then good, and he didn't treat me with the respect I deserved. We were together but we weren't really together. So after reading about Jessie's "letter to God" I decided that it was worth a shot! 

I was sitting at home and I took out my phone and opened a new note and started my letter. I first asked for guidance. I felt like I lost some of myself while being with this person, and didn't know how to get myself out of it. I then wrote about the type of man I knew I wanted to love. Straight from my letter "He is charming, and kind hearted. He speaks to me with respect, and willingness. He gives me his full attention when he is with me. He is proud and gives me praise when he is. He works hard for himself and for me. He communicates when he feels a certain way about anything. He treats my crazy family like they are his own. He enjoys life with me. He wants to do new and exciting things with me. He loves me, he loves every part of me. The good the bad, and the ugly. He is the man that wants to spend his life with me just as much as I want to spend it with him. He is my true soulmate." 

So I share this with you all because it worked! I found the true love of my life. Things definitely came full circle for me, and It was months after writing this letter and months after being with my soul mate that I realized what had happened right before me. I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone, and I believe that once I put out into the universe what I needed and wanted, that they knew it was time to give it to me. Write your "Letter to God" ladies!!!

As always thank you for stopping by!