Zachary James

My life has been nothing shy of basically perfection since I found who my soul belongs to. Zachary James is my absolute favorite human, and my best friend of all time. (girls always say this I know) but it's true he really is. He is the one I can't wait to share all my stories at the end of my day with, or go on crazy spontaneous adventures with. He makes my life easy and happy all of the time. We met in college at Rutgers University and we spent an amazing summer together before he asked me to officially be his girlfriend in August of 2015. He asked me in the most perfect way (for us). He knew I was obsessed with mermaids and that I obviously believe I am one, so he asked me to be his mermaid! Shortly after that we both left New Jersey and transferred schools together! We moved into our first place together in East Falls, Philadelphia and started school at Philadelphia University.  Switching schools together wasn't the plan but even though were two years apart we will now graduate together somehow! Zach is my absolute soulmate and I could not be happier to share a life with such an incredible person. We made a promise to each other that He will keep me safe, and I will keep him wild, and this is how we will treat our love for one another.