Spring Came Early

Photographer: James Conley

Normally at this point in the year it is cold and snowy, but here in the city of Philadelphia spring has sprung a little early. This year the weather is really making things a lot different in the sense of fashion. With this beautiful weather I figured why not shoot with fresh flowers and a mix of different colors! While trying to gather up some spring looks and collaborating with my fashion partner in crime Nicole Boychuck and our photographers set, I came across this beautiful Free People lace skirt. I instantly fell in love with the pale pink lace and the way it matched the theme of spring just worked perfectly. Free People is a brand I consider hipster (in a good way) and every now and then I find awesome pieces like this one that are so elegant and girly yet hipster! Army green is my go to color for pretty much any season any time! Because most of my spring clothing is not out yet, (because it’s March why would it be) I paired the pale pink and army green together and it makes for a total spring look. I’m definitely going to be milking these warmer temperatures!